Parish Council


Barbara Rowe (Chairman)

Barbara Rowe, Chairman

01206 262875


Henry Bonnar, Councillor

01206 262766

Paul Mortlock Paul Mortlock, Councillor


01206 263624

Chris Jackson Chris Jackson, Councillor


01206 262926

Ben Sadler

Ben Sadler, Vice Chairman

01787 210862

Clare Morgan Clare Morgan, Councillor


01206 262199

Richard Cowell  Richard Cowell, Councillor


01206 262773

Debbie Hattrell Debbie Hattrell, Parish Clerk


LEAVENHEATH PARISH COUNCIL – Representatives/ Roles 2015 (updated May, 2015)


Parish Council Representatives


Cllr. Barbara Rowe



Cllr. Ben Sadler


Village Green Committee

Cllr. Paul Mortlock

Cllr. Ben Sadler


Village Hall Committee

Cllr. Paul Mortlock

Cllr. Ben Sadler


Community Woodland

Cllr. Richard Cowell

Cllr. Paul Mortlock


Tree Wardens                              

Cllr. Christopher Jackson

Cllr. Richard Cowell


Liaison with Footpath Officer   (Penny Easting)


Cllr. Richard Cowell


Neighbourhood Planning Sub Group            

Cllr. Paul Mortlock

Cllr. Richard Cowell

Cllr. Claire Morgan


Police Safer Neighbourhood  Campaign    

Cllr. Ben Sadler


Suffolk Association of  Local Councils                                   

Cllr. Henry Bonnar

Risk Assessments                         

Cllr. Ben Sadler


Parish Council Website

Cllr. Paul Mortlock




Jenny Jenkins, District Councillor 01206 262799
James Finch, County Councillor 01206 262993